New Method of Cooking: Sous Vide

Sous-vide, in French means “under vacuum,” is a scientific method of cooking in which  food is sealed in an airtight bag and slow cooked in a water bath under the control of precise temperature.


All items are cooked evenly from inside out with the Sous Vide cooking method, making sure the food is not overcooked outside and retain a tasty and moisture texture. The seasoning  is preserved within the bag to add more flavour to the meet. Oxygen, oil, water and nutrients are also preserved to the maximum level under the precise control of water temperature with a relatively low heat.


In the mid 1970s, french chef Georges Pralus discovered Sous vide method allows fois gras to maintain the best texture and preserved a large amount of fat, as well as keeping its original appearance. Air force chef Bruno Goussault then did a further research for the effect of temperature on various food to provide quality meals to the first class travellers. This technique is commonly used in Three-Michelin star restaurants now days.


Food safety is always our priority in Kingo Bowl. We promise to use the freshest and highest- quality food from the top distributors in order to eliminate the bacteria from the source. Also, food poisoning is prevented because of the carefully controlled temperature water bath. Only high temperature Sous Vide bags are used for the water bath. Our trained professionals and staff can maintain hygienic and precise conditions on a consistent basis, and strictly follow the FDA food code for our cooking and food handling procedures. 


1, marinate


2, sealing in the flavor


3, Cook in Sous Vide

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